Anna, the voice of the magdalenes - a sequel to anna, grandmother of jesus

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Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett, is the sequel to Claire Heartsong’s first book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. Journey with Anna, the Holy Family and 18 other Magdalene-Essenes as they carry their work forward into France and Britain after Jesus’s (Yeshua’s) crucifixion and resurrection disclosing personal and deeply transforming experiences with the …
Mediatyp Häftad
Sidantal 400
Författare Catherine Ann Clemett
Utgiven 2017-11-28
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9781781809099
Förlag Hay House UK Ltd
Vikt 476 g
Mått 140 x 216 x 20 mm